The History of America, according to South Park's Trey Parker in a 1992 student film

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Don’t forget the classic Cannibal - the Musical!

Fun fact, Trey Parker has written and directed nearly every South Park episode. Rather impressive, IMHO.


Is that the rough cut of this?


“Ah luvs mah gunnsss… luuuhhvvs em.”


Fun fact: Parker and Stone had nothing to do with that cartoon. It’s presence the film caused the feud between Moore and Parker/Stone.


Ah! I can see why a feud would ensue; it seems very derivative.

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Yup. The story goes that Stone felt the cartoon’s style along with it bookending his interview segment implied that he and Parker made it. I can totally see that argument, too.

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It’s going to be a spoidoinkal day! Or however you spell that…

Moores reply on his Reddit AMA about this topic.

MMFlint • 1063d, 6h
Anyone who has seen the film would know that the styles were vastly different. We wrote that before we even knew Matt was going to be in the film. The irony of this is that even Matt and Trey admitted to me once that they stole a half-dozen lines/ideas from my movie Canadian Bacon and put them in there first South Park movie about… invading Canada. Life is strange how easy up means down, and hot means cold.

I guess I was duped. But I sort of gave up on Michael Moore as an objective lens a looooooong while back, and so, unsurprised.

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