The glamorous life of graduate student



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I’d take that job over the folks that have to collect anal swabs and squeeze fecal pellets out of wild bats in the search for the MERS-CoV reservoir. That is some glamor there.


It’s such important research which might actually save the world. It doesn’t sound like awful work just something that needs to be done meticulously to not cause harm. No shame in that at all.

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Oh, I agree. It’s just one of those jobs that’s hard to explain to family and friends without sounding completely ridiculous.

“So, what do you do every day at your fellowship, honey”
“Um, I shave bees, mom.”

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As a not quite as glamorous because I’m in the humanities graduate student, I approve this snark. And I wish I did something as important as shave bees so we can better understand colony collapse. Mostly, I just warp young minds.


I think you could reasonably argue that pursuit of the humanities is also an attempt to better understand colony collapse…


The answer should be, “Well, sort of”, since you mentioned honey. :slight_smile:


Just say that you are a beeswaxer or perhaps an apis-esthetician.


The rule says, mention graduate students and you get the video:

And then it puts the lotion in the basket.


That made me feel like this…

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