The Gridlock: learn to pick car-locks

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Do they work from the inside, or do I have to wait for the tow truck driver to arrive and let me out?


A few months ago I locked my keys inside my 2006 Volvo, which shouldn’t have actually even been possible. I quite skillfully (i.e. by dumb luck) located the one place inside the car you could leave the keys and the car not recognize that the keys were still inside. Anyway, if you want a car that’s difficult to break into, get a Volvo. Holy crap, that turned out to be a pain in the ass. If it had gone much longer, we would have just broken a window. In hindsight, that might have actually been cheaper that the damage we did to the door lock and paint.


Another fun fact: I learned on my Versa that even if you have the right key, the car won’t unlock unless the key is turned with an accompanying RFID tag that is embedded with the key in the plastic bits.

I learned this after I left a spare set of keys on the roof of a car and had them pulverized over the course of a day when they fell off in the street. I saved the metal part of the key thinking it was fine only to discover that the key didn’t work anymore.

Luckily I was able to find the transponder chip in a gutter the next day and the whole mess is now duct taped together and held on my keychain with a cheap caribeaner.


liking the dumb luck
look to the legal eagles movie for a straight ace though

this is mostly down to private runways in florida
but when you have to break into a helicopter because you lost keys is
out side of the curve

Did you try a marble?


At least you didn’t call one of those 24 hour locksmiths that charge hundreds for no real reason.


I actually called the fire department, mainly because my dog was in the car when this happened. Luckily, it wasn’t hot and he had a bowl of ice water in the car next to him. We’d been on a trip and I had just loaded him in the car when I locked the keys in. Anyway, the fire department was initially reluctant to do anything, because they don’t have to unless the dog is in visible distress, and he wasn’t. Since they had already showed up, though, they were nice and unlocked it. It took them 20 minutes, though, of messing with the door lock to get it open. And they broke it. Oh well. My dog was ok, so that’s all that really mattered.


I did not think of that. Next time.

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