The Grimace Shake has inspired a new sub-genre of cosmic horror

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If you watch this, you will die is cosmic horror. If you drink this, you will die seems less so…like, the FDA basically exists to keep that from being completely normal. :thinking:

The early ones seems a bit more innocuous. Yes, something happened, but it was pretty tame. Did they pass out from drinking it? Was it poisoned? Did they freak out and throw it and then pass out/die. Something bad happened, but mostly it was a slumped body with a spilled drink.

But I’ve seen it evolve into more and more complex memes, and yes, into either cosmic or super natural horror. I honestly find it pretty interesting and probably one of the best unintended viral campaigns ever.

It makes me one to try one!


I like the few I’ve seen where someone immediately explodes in purple glop as soon as they drink it…

These kids and their rock and roll!!!

Not Funny Smile GIF by The Drew Barrymore Show

Season 9 Lol GIF by The Office


The kids are alright.

I eagerly await the response from McDonalds corporate. The smart thing would be to ignore it. The brilliant thing would be to embrace it. But they’ll probably try some ham-handed way of suppressing it.



When I read the headline I expected the “Grimace Shake” to be a dance. Somewhat disappointed it’s not


Next page: Spider Jerusalem comes by and finds his 2-headed cat lapping up the purple goo. “Do you know where that’s been?”


… is it the drinking that leads to the death, or the posting influencer videos about it :thinking:

This is only a dance, if convulsing violently on the ground can be considered dancing.

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