The group that failed to buy a copy of the US Constitution lost a lot of crypto in transaction fees

Coins !!!

Cons !!!

The crypto-bros and the pull-water-from-the-air types do seem to have a lot in common. :thinking:


Is it somehow pegged to the value of pork tenderloin?


NFT’s, all the way down.

Surprised that they feel the need for a physical copy of it. Doesn’t it’s representation on the blockchain have more useful value?


For $31.50 they could have had these handsome, suitable-for-framing copies of the American founding documents. Not only do they look like the real things, they’re plastic laminated so you can use them as drinks coasters during your late night “constitutional study” sessions.

$40 million would have bought a lot of placemats, that’s all I’m saying.

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I’ll have to get those for my fallout shelter. Ensure continuity of government.


Am I the only one who thinks most of these crypto coins are some sort of Ponzi scheme that eventually is going to fall over flat but in the meantime is making someone, somewhere a metric boatload of money off other people’s gullibility?

Yes. Everyone else thinks all of them are some sort of Ponzi scheme. :slight_smile:


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