The Handbook of Tyranny: stark infographics on human cruelty


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Excellent, I appreciate instruction manuals… Mwahahahaha!!!


Tufte + Foucault= take my money


That seems up my street. Perhaps I will buy it?

I would quibble with the choice of words, though. Cruelty is a thing that happens between people, whereas institutional violence happens when people function as an emotionless machine (“the banality of evil”). It matters because it’s important to understand that the worst atrocities are mainly done by normal people, not monsters.


I think you’re conflating cruelty with sadism. Cruelty can also arise from greed, indifference, wilful ignorance, etc. I don’t think all slave traders, for example, got a perverse kick from the sufferings of their victims: they just valued their profits more than the rights, dignity and humanity of others.


They just want you in a specific place at a specific time all the time until you run out of time so you can’t see how much you are pestering them.



It is a good sign that these systems of controls are being identify. We can’t dismantle it if we don’t identify it.

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