Where are the lines between incel misogyny and violence?

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If you mean the lines connecting incels to misogyny and violence, the answer is everywhere. If you mean the lines dividing them, there aren’t any. Their misogyny is violence. Even when it doesn’t take the form of inflicting physical damage, it is still violence


The question is, where are the lines between this radical misogyny and violence?"

The answer is, they’re the same, in the Incel universe.


Somewhere between loser and effing loser.


misogyny = violence. full stop.
@Scientist and @Papasan already said that better than i.

i don’t think it can be said enough, so please excuse the echo. i was raised in the idea that a man of quality is not threatened by a woman of equality.

“that’s all i have to say about that.”


" Where are the lines between incel misogyny and violence?"

It is just over there. It stretches all the way round the block.


I mean, that’s giving them far too much credit for having a coherent political ideology. If you reduced women to a commodity, that wouldn’t have any bearing on their main grievance, which is with other men. If a thousand incels all think they personally should get to own, I don’t know, Kathy Ireland(?), there’s no possible way those numbers can add up, and they must realise that, but they don’t care.

Because it’s not an ideology, it’s just a pile of lepers aimlessly poking at each others’ sores. I think the last thing they need to hear is that this behavior makes them a badass terrorist threat. We should be speaking of it as a gross mental hygiene disorder.

(And maybe thinking about how they are getting messed up like this to begin with)


I think people are looking at it backwards. They are looking for some one to blame and a reason for violence, anything would do really. Misogyny is just more or less socially acceptable. So it’s the easiest vector.


Incels & RWAs, twinsies.


“Where are the lines between incel misogyny and violence?“

It’s in someone’s imagination; not in reality.


Yeah. I mean, you could divide them up in terms of their actions, and type/degree of violence, but otherwise… and even in terms of actions, it’s more about what they’ve done so far. How many of the incel shooters went from internet misogyny straight to mass murder? Seems like it’s been at least most of them.


To echo what’s already been stated repeatedly:

Incel misogyny IS violence.

It’s not merely an “unpopular opinion”; it’s the radicalization of males who already have an existing deep-seated resentment against women.


Normal Person Logic: Nobody wants me. There must be something wrong with me. I should work on that.

Incel Logic: Nobody wants me. There must be something wrong with everyone else. I should make them all pay!


I don’t get the question. Is it asking when misogyny becomes violence? or something more specific? Interesting article and kind of depressing but I don’t understand the titular question or what it’s driving at.

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Misogyny is sadly pervasive in nearly all societies, as far as I can tell, and manifests itself in all kinds of assumptions such as child care, sick care, elder care, laundry, cooking and cleaning all being “women’s work” which should be accomplished unpaid. These are thought to be unskilled, of course, so women don’t need education or equal pay.

When women get uppity they are repressed with anti-abortion laws, gas-lighting, patriarchial exhortations to have more babies, and so on and on.

Physical violence is the end of the spectrum of oppression of women.

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I would add that there certainly CAN be systemic reasons why “Nobody wants me” rooted in things like classism, ableism, sexism, racism, etc. But the appropriate response is then to acknowledge (and if you have the spoons combat) those systemic sources of the problem, not just shit on, endanger, and abuse women.


The question is rhetorical, allowing us to point out that there is no real line. Violence is inherent in incel misogyny and in misogyny in general, as a matter of fact rather than one of political opinion. The answer might seem obvious to you or me, but it also seems from some of the comments here that the question is still worth asking.


There are no lines here. It’s like trying to parse where gray becomes black. The change is in quantity and density, not actual quality. There is no line to be drawn.


More generally: I feel though like I’m always having to preach it again and again: getting women out of abusive relationships also gets men out of abusive relationships. Everyone wins!!!

We can have a win win on this issue if it wasn’t just seen as “a women’s problem” instead of an urgent social crisis we are all suffering because of right now. When people say misogyny is violence they are trying to help us reduce net violence in one of the most bang for your buck ways. It turns out that misogyny is a leading cause of abusive relationships.

But I gotta admit…It does suck emotionally though to always have to appeal what helps men as if it is never going to be enough to say ok yeah… let’s help women especially here… unless I can prove how some men benefit from women in ways they might not understand with tools I have to invent for myself or find some one to teach me. Turns out misogyny kills.

Just having this question asked again on the blog OP is frustrating. I should be used to it I guess though but I’m not. Putting a line between misogyny and violence implies that either misogyny is inherently non-violent or that violence against women fueld by misogyny is not really violence. Violence can be misogynistic. Misogyny inherently involves some degree of violence because it includes abuse up to and including, like, wholesale genocide actually. Where one particular misogynist draws the line really just depends on the individual. I try to recognize even a little of it in myself but it hurts because it’s internalized misogyny and… ugggghh.

As far as I understand it misogyny is a doctrine of violence against women. It’s alive and well in this world, in the US and Globally. That’s just what the thing itself is. So then… There is no line between incel misogyny and incel violence because incel misogyny is incel violence being directed at women.