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Sold. I’ll watch it with the childer tonight. They’ll be happy.

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It was my introduction to Space Dandy.

Its a great series to watch. But bear in mind, it has zero continuity between episodes. Everything resets itself, Aqua Teen Hunger Force style.

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Cool, I’ll skip the first and go straight to the hot ramen action.

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Except that by the end it fully embraces the multiverse/infinite realities concept and there actually is a thread* among them all. *yes, that one he pulls on

So I wouldn’t say there is no continuity.

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Um, is it wrong to ask if Jewish people are underrepresented in Hollywood?



How many Christmas films are there vs. Hanukah films, though? How many times have we seen big biblical epics aimed at a Christian audience that ignores the Jewish context of the old testament? How many horror films have we seen based on Christian theology vs. those based on Jewish theology? And how many films about Jewish life now tend to revolve around the Holocaust?

I dunno. I think she makes a point, but that probably is in part because the Jewish people who helped to found Hollywood were more interested in assimilating and ensuring that Jewish people were seen as white, as opposed to celebrating Jewish culture and heritage. That being said, what we do see celebrating Jewish culture and heritage tends to focus almost exclusively on the Ashkenazim experience vs. the Sephardic or Mizrahi experience of being Jewish…


Yes, excellent points of course, and I should’ve reacted to more than just the article’s headline (of course!).

The article explains that Silverman’s problem isn’t a lack of Jewish actors, nor of Jewish characters, but instead non-Jewish actors playing certain types of Jewish characters. All of which does strike me as a legitimate complaint:

Sarah Silverman is now arguing that it’s actually the continuation of a separate—and more concerning—trend, which she refers to as “Jewface.” In a recent episode of her podcast. Silverman said that she has “no problem” with that specific casting, but there have been a lot of situations in the last few years where non-Jewish people played who characters don’t just “happen to be Jewish” but whose “Jewishness is their whole being.” Her examples include Felicity Jones as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Rachel Brosnahan as Midge Maisel, and now Hahn playing Joan Rivers.

Silverman says these “Jewface” roles typically involve putting a person’s “Jewishness front and center” with “makeup or changing of features” like a “big fake nose” and “all the New York-y or Yiddish-y inflection.” She also argues that, “if a Jewish woman character is courageous or deserves love,” then she is never actually played by a Jewish person.

I imagine her point might be even more cogent and complex in her podcast episode than in the AV Club’s summary of it.


Silverman is annoyed she didn’t get the part.

Silverman has been “problematic” careerwise for several reasons. I don’t think she would have been good for the role either. If I had to name a Jewish actress who would be, Debra Messing comes to mind a lot quicker.


Jewish actor Eli Wallach played virtually every ethnicity but Jewish in his decades spanning career.

The only time Harvey Keitel played a Jewish character was his Brooklyn inflected Judas in Last Temptation of Christ.

I didn’t see complaints about Daniel Craig playing a Jewish partisan in Defiance, Rutger Hauer’s Jewish concentration camp inmate in Escape from Sobibor, or Helen Mirren in Woman in Gold.

That being said Laurence Oliver’s accent in both Boys from Brazil and The Jazz Singer are so bad they border on hate crimes.

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I am pretty sure the Neil Gaiman has specifically cited Bauhaus era Peter Murphy as the inspiration for Dream’s look


Probably! I’m gonna try to listen to it later on this week, I think, when I have some free time…

Yes, it must be that… :roll_eyes:


Jamie Clayton as Pinhead?


Love it!


We were talking about Alan Clarke films the other day and wondering what Rita Sue and Bob too would be like to watch these days. Anyway a film about the writer of that popped up

And it’s absolutely amazing. It’s a mixture of archive footage of her and her family, scenes from her plays acted out in the estate she grew up and lived in, and the actors lip synching to interviews with her family and people who knew her. It’s seriously fucking grim. Really. But a riveting watch.

You should probably check Andrea Dunbar’s wiki to see if you won’t struggle with the subject matter

(TW pretty much everything)

The director’s next film was the Selfish Giant which I had meant to but never watched. I will now and intend to watch the one after that and the one out soon.

@Mangochin I liked the Tampopo references in the noodle episode but my daughter’s eyes were spinning like tops at the boob jokes so Space Dandy’s not going into rotation in this house.


A bird with rodent ears.



Hoping I can find it on some platform or other.


One the one hand, it could be funny… on the other, I really wasn’t a fan of the last Charlie Kaufman film I saw… James Gunn is great, tho.


I have no idea what Gilligan’s Island “means”. I have heard of it all my life and it has been referred to in countless TV shows but I’ve never seen, as far as I know, a single frame of it. I wouldnt recognise Gilligan or anyone else who is in it.

Actually, is Gilligan in it?

I will never understand American obviously.


It was basically Lost before Lost was Lost.