The Hateful Eight's homage to The Thing: shots compared

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Wish QT would focus on original work, rather than wasting everyone’s time with ‘homages’.

He’s got the talent, he just doesn’t exercise it.

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Yeah, why can’t he make wholly original work like John Carpenter did with his 1982 film?

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Or Star Wars:

Makes even more sense why QT really really wanted Morricone to do the music for H8.

Aside from the fact that Carpenter’s version is a remake, it was arguably better than the original; there was a kind of genius to how he invoked far more psychological terror from the narrative, instead of relying on the usual horror movie tropes.

Hell, in a 90 minute film, you only actually see “the Thing” on screen for like less than 10 minutes.

That being said, QT is pretty much always biting off someone else’s creative endeavors, while throwing in a big dose of his own overblown ego and racial identity issues.

I saw the H8 and I thought it was ‘just okay’, like most of Tarantino’s stuff post Kill Bill; whereas John Carpenter’s the Thing will always be an iconic classic in my book.


I quite liked H8, but I only saw it once in the 70mm roadshow version on a huge screen in a lovely retro cinema, so I’m kinda afraid to revisit it on the small screen. Especially when they get stuck in the cabin, it was almost like watching a play.

But eh, the time will come.

If you’re hankerin’ for a Tarantino-esque western starring Kurt Russell (who isn’t?) then I recommend Bone Tomahawk – it’s an overlooked gem in my opinion.

The 70 mm cinema experience was nice but H8 is the only QT movie I have no desire to watch a second time.

Also, most of these shots seem quite different from each other.

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