Trailer for Quentin Tarantino's Star Trek


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By my calculations, this would be approximately 1,000x better than “Star Trek: Enterprise”.


Needs more Charles Napier.


He’s at least got nerd cred. But I’m one of the few who think Tarantino is vastly overrated. Every one of his movies is like watching the fantasies of a 14-year-old nerdy white boy. That doesn’t in itself make them bad, but I’d like a little variety.


man, i really hope that if this does happen, it stays as far away from TOS as possible.




I can imagine Tarantino’s film resulting in a similar trailer – but only if it also features two thirty-minute monologues on the subjects of the unreasonable pointiness of the console controls and the sound made by the turbolift doors.


Was that little bits of the Taxi opening?

Try this in a war bird:


Bear in mind that a lot of the reason Tarantino’s movies are so acclaimed is that they’re basically a riff on all movies of that type that came before, alongside cranking them up to 11. He’s like the film nerd’s film nerd, but also a talented moviemaker at the same time.

Like… Okay, have you ever heard how Princess Bride is a reconstructionist film? That is, it’s beyond deconstructionist, because after it gets done disassembling and dissecting all the fantasy film/novel tropes, it then stitches all the best parts back together as an unending mix-tape of awesome.

Well, Tarantino basically does this for a bunch of other genres, one after the other, and it’s entertaining as hell. Of course, if you’re not familiar with the tropes he’s Frankensteining together, it might just feel like he’s making just another “over the top” movie in that style, possibly because a lot of filmmakers these days are self-consciously making quasi-self-parodic, trope-aware movies.

In a way, it’s kinda like reading H.P. Lovecraft. If you were around before modern horror beat the “cosmic horror” concept to death, it’s really cool. If you came later, it doesn’t seem like it’s a big deal, because you’ve read it in other places where it was done better. But it’s impressive because he’s basically the genre-definer that so many modern artists crib from and still reference.


Tarantino could get a lot of mileage out of a film set in the mirror universe, and probably please a lot of fans too.
Goatees for everyone!


I watched an interview on youtube, I don’t remember the actor, but they were describing what it was like to be on a Tarantino set. No cellphones,no ipads allowed, and between takes you got an education on how the next scene was shot for shot reference to some such movie … interesting.


What’s the over/under in how many times the N-word is used?


10/10 I would see this.

11 out of 10, even.


So, I assume somebody hid a tricorder up their ass for five long years until they died, then their captain did it for two more?


so like…I’m with you. but you got me suckered. which authors/books/stories are better done than the original Lovecraft? I know this was just a for-instance example, but for god sakes man, you can’t say something like that in a place like this and get away w/o giving up your goodies…

I googled “Top 5 Films That “Do Lovecraft” Better Than Lovecraft” and got some films.


NO. Just, no.


It will be a shot for shot remake of Serenity - or 12 Monkeys

Clockwork Orange?




I honestly can’t disagree there.