The Haunted Mansion, the Haunting, and "Boo" vs "Brr" in spook-house design


You can go from BOO to BRR by flying from Bodø, Norway to Barra, Scotland.

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So it’s the difference between jumpscares and creeping horror.

Am I right to say that spiders crawling up the walls in plain view and descending towards one’s deliciously poisoinable neck is “Brr” while, turning a corner to come face to face with someone who just manages not to smash you brain out with a 9 iron is a “Boo”?

I must see if I can check this out! I have been to a few of these type places, love it! Around Halloween time we go to a haunted hayride on this farm out in the country… they do a good job. I am going to check out The Haunted Mansion too.

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