The heartwarming story behind the internet's premier testicle clickbait site


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Spoiler: The balls are big, and they have them.


God bless America


It just isn’t the internet without jokes about balls…


Balls in your court :soccer::soccer:


Could this topic be in @beschizza sphere of influence?




Charles Shultz pioneering the ball gag:


Why the photo of a Springer Spaniel?


I’m glad someone had the cojones to do it.


Wouldn’t spraying your testicles gold require dragging them out, at least long enough to spritz them and let them dry? And then, would know once they’re sewn back inside?


OK song. GREAT spoiler!


Insta-dry on the hairs maybe, but I’m imagining a sort of gold knit cover otherwise, maybe with the world’s smallest NEST telling you how much cooler you are. Maybe hanging some copper singing bowls from a fixie clamp, or swinging 1 bowl from 2 clamps? Also sari I didn’t see Rob’s byline on that article on videogame teabagging…


I don’t have any balls… Mr. T ate them


thank you for giving me happy memories of the early days of the web… there are not enough likes to give for the happy feeling i will have for the rest of the evening.


A circumstance that could not be ‘ovoided’.





No way! Nuts!


Cuius testiculos habes, habeas cardia et cerebellum.