The history of sampling in three minutes


This overlooks Kraftwerk. Listening to DC radio stations in the 1990s, I could hear several different tracks an hour using Kraftwerk samples.

Jon Leidecker (aka Wobbly) did a wonderful series called Variations on the history of sampling. If you have any interest in this subject, you should download them at Ubuweb or Radio Web Macba.

thank you @David_Nemeth - that’s cool.

I have a lot of these records :^)

this is a cool, well done video, but to add to what @PrestonSturges said, it’s notable for what was omitted. In the case of Amen Brother, they obviously couldn’t do a montage of every single DnB track ever, that would take over the whole project and would be a bit redundant. OK, I get that. But, OTOH, they use Slick Rick’s Children’s Story for Bob James’ Nautilus where the sample is buried in the mix, omitting Run DMC’s Run’s House or Ghostface’s Daytona 500, where the loops are front and center. Just for example. There were some other beats that didn’t get mentioned at all that probably should have (like Kraftwerk’s Trans Europe Express, or Grover Washington’s Hydra and Knucklehead) but we could play this game all day.

Another weird thing was the use of the bootleg re-press labels over the originals. I noticed it a few times, including Headhunter’s God Make Me Funky. Here’s the original:

Nitpicking aside, it was still pretty fun and well put together.

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There’s a nice video on the history of the Amen Break here. (I think I first saw it here on bb many years ago)

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