The Humans - Planet of the Apes meets Hells Angels meets Mad Max



I want to be the first to point out the unrealistic proportions of these apes. How are young female apes supposed to live up to these expectations without developing eating and emotional disorders. Down with 'The Humans"! This isn’t fun! It’s racial and sexist stereotypes. I haven’t seen a more offensive Asian stereotype since Mickey Rooney appeared in Breakfast at Tiffany’s



yea dude ive been reading this since day one its crazy wild fun


Wow. Just…wow.

I’ve been a silent fan (and sharer of many posts) of this site for years. I also expect some measure of snow blindness from nerd, geek, and hipster culture, but tell me I’m wrong, please, that I’m not seeing a blank endorsement of a comic that seems to revel in the kinds of imagery that have been used, historically, to justify the slaughter of black and Asian people – just from the few covers I’ve seen? I look the other way on things like this a lot, but wow.

Seriously, tell me I’m wrong. I’m so troubled by this.

Im not sure if you’re joking or not.

Where did you get the idea that the comic endorses violence towards black and asian people?

I’m guessing he’s referring to the last image above

I understand that the scene illustrated in that panel shows an American soldier named Johnny being held captive during the Vietnam war. Although any behavior of war is not acceptable - the characters depicting this are a vital part of history and shouldn’t be labeled as offensive or racist. Denying that this era ever happened is worse than actually showing it. I don’t think it promoted violence against any race at all - its just giving an example of something horrible that actually happened.

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