The iMac used to create Wikipedia is up for auction

Originally published at: The iMac used to create Wikipedia is up for auction | Boing Boing

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I used to joke about these iMacs having a handle on top so you could throw it all the way to the back of the dumpster when you couldn’t upgrade it and threw it away.


This is so cool. Wikipedia is probably the closest we’ve come to harnessing the early promise of the internet to create legacy tools of real substantive value to humanity.


I wish I had kept my blueberry iMac used only for testing websites in the days when you needed to validate sites on every hardware platform and browser version. Might have made a cool fish tank or terrarium.

I actually upgraded my first-generation iMac a couple of times before I let it go, but yeah the form factor didn’t exactly make it one of the easiest computers to tinker with.


At the time I was selling and building PCs. So I was a little bit biased.

But can I buy it as an NFT?

Disappointed it wasn’t a Flower Power iMac.

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