The importance of education

I know I’m gonna take a beating for this but let’s be VERY clear here… A medical professional chose to accepted what she should have known better followed this insane idea.
Yes, it’s sad.
What’s utterly baffling How in the name of the FSM (flying spaghetti monster) did she got out of medical training with that mind set?!

I keep seeing that “education is the path out of poverty”. How? When one can complete their education with that mind set?


My understanding is that the word technician in the job title means that the person is largely responsible for handling the equipment used in healthcare rather than directly providing healthcare.


I think we all need to take a step back and start realizing that medical professionals are just people. They can have all the frailties and weaknesses that anyone else has, all the biases, all the vulnerabilities.

She was a surgical tech and likely didn’t have that great of an understanding of how vaccines work, herself.

Is it scary that even the people working for our health industry mistrust it that much? Yeah… of course… but at the end of the day she was a 29 year old with a two year tech degree that allows her to clean operating rooms and things like that before surgery.

Realistically it’s going to have to be on hospitals to require people in these kinds of roles get vaccinated or get fired.


This past weekend I met a retired mechanical engineer who was absolutely convinced that opening a single 2L bottle of soda releases more CO2 than a typical car releases in a year.

I have a good friend who is a registered dietician (and very smart) who, even though this information was already out of date when she learned it in college, is convinced that any form of low carb diet or intermittent fasting is absolutely, 100% guaranteed awful for everyone, and also doesn’t seem to make any distinction between different kinds of fatty acids.

In short: schooling of any kind isn’t actually that useful at getting most people to understand that the things they’re being taught are facts, about the actual world, which they can apply in real contexts, and they very rarely teach how to properly question the information you encounter.

Basically, schooling != education. You can go through a lot of schooling without becoming educated, and vice versa.


Yeah, I’m well aware… And yet we continue to push ruinous debt for “education” as THE path for advancement. I’m not just talking about college/university. Ever look at the costs for things like a Cisco certification or TIA+? It’s the basic American fetish… I have no idea about elsewhere in the world.


See Ben Carson

People compartmentalize what they learn all the time and fail to apply critical thinking. Especially in technical fields or ones requiring an exacting skillset like surgery.


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