The"independent" report Uvalde paid a retired police detective to write has exonerated its coward cops

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Prado recommended that the SWAT team in Uvalde be disbanded and for the officers to join a regional SWAT team until they can gain more experience

You mean cosplay for a group portrait isn’t adequate experience to deal with an active shooter?

Asking Prado to issue a report on cops is like asking Ronald Hamburger to issue a report on the Millennium Tower, except that the developers in the latter case knew that they were buying their expert. Whatever their professed anger now, the Uvalde city council is apparently too naive and child-like to run a town.


“Those apples are fine, just fine. Trust me, I’m an apple. I know these things.”


So wait: When I woke up and found bite marks and tears in the packaging of some cookies I left out on the counter, should I have NOT asked my cat to investigate the incident?


Former coward piggy says coward piggies are neither cowards nor piggies? Color me shocked. But we know what we know.

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In British Columbia there’s a permanent organization, the IIO (Independent Investigations Office) that conducts all investigations into serious police events. The members are mostly former intelligence investigators, lawyers and a few former police. They recommend charges to Crown Prosecutors when their investigations have sufficient evidence. It’s quite effective and totally separate from the various police agencies.


It’s just a few bad apples, So time to throw out the entire barrel because that is what the phrase means.


It’s a little easier to understand when you realize this report is only regarding the five officers involved in the response who are still employed by the Uvalde Police Department. So it makes no attempt to address the actions of the cops who have left or been fired from the department or any of the cops from other departments/agencies.

I’m not saying that the conclusions of the report are correct (I’m sure they’re thoroughly biased). It’s just easier to understand how those conclusions are justified by the investigtor when you realize how limited the scope of the investigation was.

The REAL investigative report on Uvalde was released by the DOJ back in January. It’s more of a systems failure analysis than an attempt to identify incidents of misconduct. It certainly does assign responsibility for the various failures to particular individuals, however.


Maybe something? Not nearly enough, but something…

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