Uvalde police stop cooperating with investigation after footage proves teacher did not leave door open

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It was only a matter of time before these cosplaying clowns had to “go to the mattresses”. This one police department has single-handedly revived the whole “defund the police” debate.


If any of the Uvalde police cars have “To Serve and Protect” on them, it should immediately be painted out, because THEY DID NOT DO EITHER.

So…if the police won’t enter a building with an active shooter because “they could get shot,” why in the world are the powers-that-be talking about arming teachers, who haven’t had any cop training or cop experience, or have all that cop equipment 40% of the town budget pays for? Let teachers teach, and let’s get cops out there doing what they are supposed to do again. If cops can’t face an armed bad guy, then they need to look into another profession. STAT.


Teachers: We want more funding and control over the curriculum.

Conservatives: No dice. But here’s a gun in case the schools are threatened.

Teachers: OK… [Pointing gun] We want more funding and control over the curriculum.


This is becoming a true Charley Foxtrot.


They know they done fucked up, and are lawyering up now. (Remember, kids, NEVER talk to the police with out a lawyer present.)

There has been so much misinformation in this case. Granted whenever an event happens, there is always a level of chaos and confusion and early statements may be revised later.

But this feels more and more like lying and a blatant cover up.

And then they have the audacity to put out press releases praising themselves and being grateful they didn’t suffer any loses. Read the room, no one cares you didn’t suffer an losses.


Maybe this goes without saying (It’s been said a lot in other places) but you should be able to prop open the door of a fucking school without being blamed for the murder of 21 people.

I am glad, however, that Ted Cruz hitched his wagon to this particular police lie to build his gun-control distraction and can now eat all the shit until the end of time.


They definitely shot some kids, didn’t they? Pretty much every single other claim they made is now either disproven or suspect.

Yeah, by all accounts they’re inveterate liars, but they’re used to their lies just being accepted, so they’re also bad at it.


If history since 2016 has taught us anything, it’s that Cruz will happily eat shit all day long if he thinks it will get him power.


Not just revived, but absolutely killed the biggest counter-argument: “Well, what are you gonna do when you call 911 and the cops don’t show up?” Same thing as if they did show up, apparently.


Charley put on his dancing shoes long before this, I expect.


My GF thinks this is the case from day one. Their statement they didn’t shoot any kids is like one of those things where you deny something no one is accusing you of.


So this poor teacher can’t be left alone to grieve 19 dead children and her two dead colleagues, but instead has to lawyer up and try to remain anonymous out of fear due to her own state government’s blame-shifting!?! Take note America; The Texas of Abbott and Cruz is a preview of GOP authoritarian rule: overwhelming policy failure (or should I say absence of policy) resulting from overt corruption and bald-faced lies, systemic incompetence and nepotism, state PR machine out front dispensing more lies to cover up the original lies ad nauseum, increasingly broken public institutions and continued policy failure, in an Orwellian feedback loop. This is America’s Beslan.



In this case, don’t defund, disband.


I’m maybe a fool but it seems to me that “refusing to cooperate with a federal law enforcement investigation” quite frequently translates to “residing in federal custody.” Can we get that translation to happen please?


“Stop resisting. Stop resisting.”

… Am I doing this right?


The whole argument for keeping police forces exactly as they are has long been the ‘good guys with guns who protect the people’ BS; by the LEOs evacuating their own children and then standing around while everyone else’s kids got massacred, that lie has been thoroughly decimated.


Absolutely. I’ll wager that, in a small town where 40% of the budget goes to a police department with a bloody SWAT team, mental health and youth support and other social services that might identify a killer like this are grossly underfunded.

But Beau is right in this case. It’s gone beyond a question of re-allocating funding to disbanding a police department with a thoroughly rotten culture.


Absolutely; that town needs to fire everyone, charge them with crimes, and start over from scratch.

Now will that actually happen? Probably not, because it makes too much sense.



Remember: the best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun, uniform, training, a pension, and the legal authority to intervene. Unless they choose to do nothing, at which point you take away their pensions and send them out on patrol with just pool noodles. ACAB.