The inexperienced man-child frat-rat that Trump made deputy drug czar got fired from his only real job for not showing up

Using high quality paper and an expensive printer

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He went out for Starbucks one day… and he never came back

Some, I assume, are good people


It gets better.

His stepdad, convicted of manufacturing/selling illegal anabolic steroids as “supplements” still has an old twitter feed with crazy “chemtrail” postings in its sparse history.

Oh. And said stepdad is apparently cousins to the Baldwin family, who you will note are incongruously posed in the feed with the crappy health food. Because reality isn’t weird enough lately.


Wheeeeeeeen I was a lad I served a term as office-boy to an attorney’s firm…
If only I’d shown up, I could have been the ruler of the Queen’s navy!


Legal assistant = admin assistant. Although a lot of people who got their J.D.s during the downturn had to take those jobs, they don’t require a law degree.

Also, I had never heard of O’Dwyer & Bernstein. They appear to be personal injury lawyers. Concerning Cory’s embellishment, that’s not what I normally think of when I think of “white shoe” firms.


Christ, he even looks like that guy from “Office Space.”

“The thing is, Bob, it’s not that I’m lazy, it’s that I just don’t care.”


Par for the course.
(I think they use a lot of golf jargon and metaphors at the White House these days. If only someone would have a good reason to yell Fore! at Donny.)

He probably got the job because he knew and kept quiet about Stormy whatsername.

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