The inexperienced man-child frat-rat that Trump made deputy drug czar got fired from his only real job for not showing up


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For all our sakes let’s hope he doesn’t show up at this job, either.


Of all Trumps examples of not knowing what he is doing, this would be my favorite if there weren’t actual people dying from the inaction of this person.


Lemme guess, the kid was born into wealth.


Yes, I presume that’s also how you become a “legal assistant” at a white-shoe legal firm in NYC despite not having been to law school.


While I agree in spirit, my fear is that is exactly what Turnip wants…


He could have saved a bunch of toner on his resume by simply reporting that he was what is known (in business parlance) as a bum.


Maybe he prepared the coffee there.


…or might have, had he showed up.


Haha! I missed that detail. Next question is how did Daddy make his money?


Partially from ownership of a

chia seed factory (which closed when his dad went to jail for illegally processing Mexican steroids)

Something from the Robocop sequel thread is appropriate:


Future US president 2040?




Wow these folks are like the prime examples of why you don’t let rich people run anything. They all ooze mediocrity.



Mediocrity is when someone does a meh job.

When someone doesn’t even bother to show up and then lists a long tenure in that position on their resume for a White House position, the word is mendacity.


So true, and one of my favorites. Gotta rewatch Cat on a Hot Tin Roof


Lucky you! Cat is coming on NTLive!


For once Cory’s headline please me, as it implies that his job at the ONDCP isn’t a real job.


Wow - thanks! Found a few local venues, too.