The inside of a Leatherback Turtle's mouth


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That right there is high octane nightmare fuel!


Damn, I thought snapping turles were bad! I bet if they looked like that, them good ol’ boys who noodle for catfish would stop.

And to think I petted one of these when it was a baby! I think. Might have been a Green Sea Turtle.


Who knew they were related to Fizzgig?


aah, the rarely seen baby sarlacc.
what a cutie!


I was thinking exactly the same thing. A gaping hole filled with spiky tentacle things is way more terrifying than just seeing a turtle beak.

That’s one of the many problems I have with Lucas and his goddamn Special Editions.


well. looks like im not sleeping for a week now. THANKS BOINGBOING


Those aren’t teeth, in the sense of bone/enamel, etc. They’re made of keratin, which is in hair and skin.


Oh that makes everything alright then. Sleep tight kids it’s just ■■■■■, fleshy spines of solid hair.


What? Nobody?




I’m assuming that there is probably some Japanese tentacle porn that veers into leatherback turtle fellatio…


well, there is now.


Also, keratin as in claws and horns and fingernails and scales and porcupine quills. OK, feathers too, but still…


Dude… sweet.


I didn’t wake up this morning expecting to learn that leatherbacks have porcupine quills running down their entire esophagus, but Friday always has its horrifying surprises.


… it’s too dark to read?

Wait, wrong punchline?


the narration sounds as if it was computer generated.



Oh man, I was just watching this with my kids the other night, and I knew this wasn’t right!!! Is the whole sock puppet in the middle cgi?