The Internet Police: How Crime Went Online, and the Cops Followed


I was really quite appalled at attending an Internet Safety discussion at my child’s school to hear a former prosecutor talk about how this insane state law that let them tack up to three years of jail time onto a sentence if the crime was committed using a computer was a great tool for prosecutors. This came up during a discussion on kids sending nude pictures or sexting with one another.

Lawyers are scary…

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The law may not be as insane as you think, it might be a great plea bargaining tool.

And you probably hit the nail on the head on WHY these things are the way they are. Le’ts lok at it from the lawyer’s perspective. If you can get people to plea out you in theory alleviate an overworked understaffed system that, while far from perfect, is doing the best it can with the resources it has to try doing it’s job.

Le’ts put ethics and profiling and so on to one side. To pull a quote from Law Abiding Citizen ‘some justice is better than no justice.’ I’m sure nobody really intended on it being used as a club to drag thousands of people in. Just use it as a tool against someone you already have and think you can squeeze into rolling over.

It’s still immoral and the way things really are leaves these laws being abused to hell and back. Just trying ot figure the non-moustache twirling thought process that might have gone on in the lawmaker’s minds since not everyone is snidely whiplash and nobody thinks they’re the villain.

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