The Internet's "awkward older sisters" are creating safe spaces for teen girls

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Woot! I just knew the interwebs would eventually be used for the forces of good :smile:

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Our culture is quick to mock and exploit teenage girls (or pit them against one another), but new forces on the Internet are pushing back and creating safe, empowering spaces for young women.

So they care nothing for our culture?

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Women…ruining everything!


Charlie Chaplin would agree, if the internet existed in 1940


I didn’t know whether to be angry at the historical inaccuracy, or thrilled that Joan turned to Peggy to create their own legacy. (And even more thrilled that Joan didn’t waste any time after hearing “no”.)

Which inaccuracy?

I totally dug the final moments of the show…maybe I should create a thread for discussing the finale? It was brilliant, IMHO.

Ok, here’s the thread:

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I was active in feminism during the years portrayed in the finale, so the notion that a woman who wanted to start her own company would invite another woman to be her sole partner did not ring true. Remember, this is when women couldn’t get credit cards or even store credit without their husbands signing off on it, to say nothing of a commercial line of credit from a bank. A company with two women’s names on it, and not in a “feminine” field no less, wouldn’t have stood a chance.

But wouldn’t it have been great?!

Oh yeah, that was total WISH FULFILLMENT! But wouldn’t you love to see that spin-off???

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