Photos of hunky guys paired with photos of cats in matching poses is why we have an internet




And this is why we have a Xeni. :slight_smile:

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I feel unclean.

Officially creating a new internet category tag: NSFWTF!?

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See, internet, this is why I love you. Why all the spying and the hacking and the 419s? Why can’t it be like this all the time, internet? No Youtube, just us…

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one of those things i didn’t know i needed until i saw it.


The amusing bit is how some of the pics are a pretty good match.

Just to be that guy…

Please replace “hunky guys” with “hot chicks” and try not to be overwhelmed by the resulting hate mail. All the six-packs in these pictures sure could give a guy bigorexia. I’m all for celebrating beauty, so let’s drop the pretension already and let everyone be objectified.

I accept in advance my “crazy off-topic, un-prompted comment” award. I just hope it isn’t a cookie: wouldn’t wanna ruin my 5% bodyfat.


Surely I’m not the only one who saw the photo you used for the story and thought “instructions unclear

I know this isn’t really equivalent, but just for balance we have Cats vs pin-up girls:

Don’t hate me because I’m super-fuzzy!


Why do we even need to set these borders? Shouldn’t we, what with this being the internet and all, be free to associate attractive humans of any gender (male, female, trans, etc.) with cats in matching poses??? End this senseless tyranny!

That’s brilliant, if only because the cats are the only ones who look like they have good reasons for being in those positions.

Well, y’know, there was already a link to Kitties and Titties last year. (Of course, that was lazy juxtaposition not even having half the artistry of this thing.)

Because as we all know there are essentially no “hot chicks” pictures available on the internet.


WAIT WHAT did you say?

Solving the main problem with pin-up girls; not enough pussy.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Only problem: WTF are all those kitties doing in the way???

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