The key to a "runner's high" is marijuana, according to a new book

‘That shit will ruin your ambition’

‘Not if your ambition is to get high and watch TV’.

-Elmore Leonard


The best guys on my highschool cross-country team all smoked before practice and meets. It was a sea change when they let me in on the secret. Throw the Last of the Mohicans theme into the mix and you’re unstoppable. My biggest problem with running was always the boredom, but getting a little high made it feel like an adventure. I don’t partake anymore, but I’ve discovered that calming, meditative music works much better for setting the tone for my runs than pump up music, which seemed counterintuitive at the time, but makes a lot of sense in this light.


People have been making claims like this for their drug of choice for centuries.

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I can also confirm that with running and speed skating, marijuana is indeed a performance enhancing drug.

But anyone comparing marijuana with runner’s high has yet to experience the latter. Pot might be able to replicate a lot of that blissful post-run feeling, sure. But the actual runner’s high that happens while running? The only drugs I know of that can replicate that high are Schedule 1.

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