The real cause of “Runner's High” may surprise you. It'll surprise you less if you smoke pot

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Now we need research on releasing the body’s own endocannabinoids without first torturing it.


So, I run and also enjoy cannabis products. While I’m not a heavy or frequent user, I do have a mild tolerance for the stuff.

So, does this mean I also have a tolerance for runners’ high? Will the running high be more pronounced if I take a break? These are the important questions.


Probably. It’s all cell receptor down-regulation. At least I’ve been told that’s how it works for dopaminergic drugs. If you take a stimulant to raise your intersynaptic dopamine levels, your neurons will, after awhile, respond by decreasing the number of dopamine receptors on their surface to re-balance and achieve homeostasis again, resulting in a tolerance. It takes more dopamine floating around your brain to achieve the same level of receptor activation.

I have no idea if that’s how tolerance works with CB receptors, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they work in a similar way.

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That’s why I do Aikido. It isn’t torture. We get all huffy playing around. Then we’re high and everybody goes home.


See that’s nice because it’s entertaining and low impact and you can do it with friends.

I shoot pool.

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Yeah, pool works. Honestly the best best neatest bestest highs I’ve ever had come from the other pool: swimming. One time I said, I am swimming 5 miles. Just cuz. I took a few breaks but mostly swam the 165 laps without stopping. When I got out, I couldn’t lift my arms (had to duck under lanes and clumsily use the ladder). But I was high as a fucking bird all day. It was amazing.


I take days in the desert with friends for that.

Good fsm that’s a lot of swimming. I think I might rather just be dead.


I’m no ironman. Flabber man, more like. 240lbs, 6 feet of dough.

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Other similarities: Shortness of breath/coughing, thirst, carbo loading.

The fact is I just don’t have the time to run.

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Does this count as shooting pool?


Sure it does. But that’s not the kind we do here. :smile:


Aha, so now I realize why it felt so good to get high and then go for a 20-mile jaunt on my bicycle when I used to do that sort of thing.

So…when can we expect the FDA DEA to start the war on runners? [thank you LDoBe].

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Never. Starting wars on things in this case is the job of the DEA. The FDA has in fact approved prescription synthetic THC and CBD.

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You won’t believe the real cause! Doctors hate this one weird trick!


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