Hey new cannabis users and microdosers: Pax's app stops you from getting too high

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too high

What’s that?


What’s that is not believing that the brownies are working, eating half the pan, and being high for three days. That’s ‘What’s that.’

Voice of Experience!™ :wink:

(To be clear here, this wasn’t me: I learned at a very tender age that brownies are sneakers.)


Gosh you have all the fun.


@Rusty_Blazenhoff I hope you use yer BloggerPowers to get this awesometastic vid adopted as a PSA on local TV. :smiley:

I don’t know what it is about my particular constitution but i have this happen with pot in general. Edibles, smoking, etc. Nothing kicks in for roughly an hour, sometimes a bit longer, and then the high comes rushing in like a tidal wave.


Where was that video of “what to do if you get too high” 35 years ago when a) first time smoking pot; b) driving on unfamiliar roads (don’t do that, kids); c) also drinking gin (don’t do that either, kids); d) thought I had died and after-life was never-ending country roads. Haven’t touched the stuff since.


It’s got everything! Ties into an app! Needs regular firmware updates! Disposable “pod” consumables! Becomes worthless e-waste the moment the company goes out of business!



A few years ago I went to a stupid bowl party, and a friend had brought homemade brownies. This fact alone is unremarkable, but the friend had used already vaporized weed instead of fresh, so she had no clue how strong the batch would be (her words: “I used a shitload in the butter.”)

So five or six on us ate one before the game. By halftime, nothin! So we ate more. By the end of the game, still nothing. Eat more. Another hour passed and I ate one more, by now convinced nothing would come of it. Went home, went to sleep nice and soundly.

When I woke up the next morning I was too high to move, I couldn’t even get out of bed. Now, I smoke quite a bit, and I had never ever been this high, I was so stoned I had to call out of work. As my function slowly returned to me, I got a hold of everyone else that ate ‘em, all with the exact same result- too high to move, too high to go to work.

Honestly, it was fuckin awesome, but also, man I had no idea how potent already vaporized weed could be, and also realized vaping flower is maybe not the most efficient use of weed.


Ah but vaporizing is the most efficient use of weed. First you vaporize it, then you use the leftovers to cook with, like your friend did. It easily triples the time it takes me to finish the equivalent amount smoking.

Regarding the super late onset of the high, it’s crucial that you eat on an empty stomach.


Too high is trying pot for the first time in butter, and (almost but not quite the worst part) using fake butter instead of real butter (ick), and getting impatient after feeling no effects whatsoever, and then doing shots of the horrible fake butter, then getting so high that I thought I was lost in a recursion of recursivity, therefore inspiring an hours-long panic attack, and not remembering afterwards the hours my husband spent distracting me with simple gardening chores to get my mind out of its spiral of recursion.

Now I cannot even think of the word “recursion” without a shudder.

edited to add: After that experience I am probably the only vegan who exclusively uses real butter (in food, not pot, I’ll never touch that again). Sorry, cows.


Enjoyed the what to do if you’re too high video (relax, enjoy it!) But is there an inaccuracy when she says drink some water, no one has ever died drinking water. Well, isn’t hyponatremia a thing?

Ok, that’s too high. And the cows forgive you, I know this in my heart.


I was absolutely sure that my consciousness was going whoosh out the top of my head because of said recursion of recursivity

Yeah, my son (who bought the weed) said, “Mom, that was too high.” Wise boy.


I dislike vaping quite a bit, but your comment is a bit much dude. Take another puff and chill out man.


She says no one has ever OD’d on pot. She says drinking water won’t hurt you.

If you’ve taken a bunch of speedy E and are dancing like mad, chugging tons of water could definitely hurt you because you’re sweating out all your electrolytes. But drinking a couple glasses of water between examining the palms of your hands in fascination, not likely to be a problem.


I love that part!

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