The Kinks wish they could fly like Superman, live

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Words can’t express how much I wish I’d been able to see The Kinks live. I remember Ray Davies talking about this song in his book Americana and went and looked it up. Here’s a bit:

The character I adopted was a downtrodden Londoner, verging on manic depression. The only time he shows any optimism is when he sings the chorus, then for the bridge, he reverts to manic mode before returning to his glum rant for the next verse. Perfect for the times, perfect for the Kinks audience, and particularly suitable for me to sing.

That “character” is also so quintessentially Kinks. Confusion with the changing world and the struggle to find a place in it are themes that run through so much of their songs but it’s so strongly, clearly expressed here.

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One For the Road was one of my favourite albums when I was in middle school and high school

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