Music: "Destroyer," The Kinks (1981)



Yes! One of my favorite Kinks albums–and that’s a hard category for me to narrow down. I love this one from beginning–“Around The Dial”–to the end–“Better Things”.

There’s also a brilliant cover/combo of this on Ray Davies’ 2010 album See My Friends–another regularly-played album in my collection. He performs it with Billy Corgan.


“Paranoia will destroy ya”, one of the refrains, slogans, used to use with friends in the late 80s… though believe it was from a metal band, probably Black Sabbath. (Googling it I see it is on some versions of Paranoid and not on others, and not in written lyrics usually.)

Was a fan of the kinks, as well, though. I see this song was reworked Lola, which is my favorite Kinks song.

i played this album a TON. probably my first real introduction to the kinks outside of the obvious hits.


holy crap, what a great song. probably my favorite from the kinks.
also, I can’t believe this is from 34 years ago - yikes, I feel old now…

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And it goes like this!


Such a weird feeling to know every word to a song I haven’t heard in decades. (It’s going to be little green man this time!) Excellent choice.
Too bad it’s almost the same music as “All Day and All Night.”


One of my favorite albums of the early 80s. I know I stretched out a couple cassettes of it. Especially loved the title tune.

Same lyrics too!

Won’t you tell me your name?

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