The Knowledge Box: psychedelic education enviro from 1962


Kind of reminds me of “The Ipcress File.”


AWESOME. Thanks for that. Added to my post.

Made me think of my droog, Alex. I don’t see the ocular irrigation equipment here, though.


Wherein we learn that humans are markedly worse at multitasking than they perceive themselves to be…

Wow. It’s like a prototype of the Interwebs.

You could just beat people with sticks. It’d induce about as many headaches and seizures. It’d enable about as much learning. And it’d retain the traditional tried-and-true bullying which is such an important part of our educational system.


The Intersect?

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Keiti Ota seems to agree…
His painting “The Electric Learning Machine”:

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More images of the Knowledge Box – from pages 122-123 of the LIFE Science Library, “The Mind”.

more reminds me of the vulcan school from the 2009 Star Trek movie.


Ken Isaacs has long been an inspiration for me. One of the first Post-Industrial designers. He devised a sort of DIY version of the Knowledge Box called the Meditator which was featured in Popular Science;

Every maker should grab a copy of his How To Build Your Own Living Structures. It’s the book that pioneered the concept of Urban Nomadism and inspired the eventual development of Nomadic Furniture, microhouses, and the Box Beam/Grid Beam DIY building systems;

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