The KODAK PrintaCase Printer is a fun way to make your iPhone as unique as you

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If you flip it over, you can play Candy Crush on the other side


a $10 savings

I’\d just like to point out, in a futile protest against the grammatical idiocy that has overtaken US English, that savings is a plural noun and should not be used with the definite article in this way. It is a saving - one single saving, not several, multiple savings.

I write this in the entirely vain hope (see - one single hope, not ‘in the hopes’) that it might have an effect.


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So, it’s a printer for $120 that only prints photos for the back of proprietary cell phone cases on proprietary paper? :thinking:

I think this Kodak licensee has just upped the bar for most useless product during a pandemic.


Wow, this gave me crazy nostalgia flashbacks to my Nokia 3205, which had a clear case you could print out designs for. I made an original Super Mario Bros design to match my charm strap (back when that was a thing).

This is garbage though. You could get a clear phone case, scissors, 50 sheets of photo paper, and a regular ass inkjet printer for less money.


That’s exactly what I have been doing, for years. Except, for the camera cutout, you really want a scalpel and cutting mat rather than scissors.


“dye sub process”, not “dye subprocess”. Short for “dye sublimation”, the process by which dye in gaseous form is taken up by the special (expensive!) “paper”.


If (US metro area) shopping malls ever come back into vogue, I would rather enlist the help of one of the kiosk merchants to print a one-off design and provide and install a matching case as opposed to paying the upfront costs and taking a risk of substandard prints and having to “try again” to get the right outcome.

I don’t for see the need to maybe do this more than twice in the lifetime of a particular phone model.

(Mine is the one in the plain black ruggedized Otter Box.)


I am such a snowflake, I am afraid an iPhone™ case will never be enough to express my exquisite uniqueness.


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