The Last of Us show renewed for another season

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The Last of Us: But for Real, this Time there aren’t any More of Us: Season 2: Origins.


I really wish they would do a crossover with Final Fantasy


Speaking of Naughty Dog adaptations, I’ve never played any of the Uncharted games, but I was completely underwhelmed by the movie that came out last year. Did that film align well with the story line of the game?

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Ellie summoning Ifrit, to scorch some shroombies, would be pretty epic.


I assumed they’d be mining the first game’s story for 3 seasons minimum. Was there an official statement that they’d do the entire game in one season? Seems like it would feel pretty rushed.

The game has a playtime of roughly 15 hours, that’s about a modern season’s worth of screen time.
Looks, like they’re using the time left over from not having the gameplay stuff to expand the story/give extra context.
The second game is nearly twice as long, so I could see that one being two or three TV seasons.
I’d be fine with the show ending after three or four seasons, but that also gives a bunch of time for Druckmann and Mazin to find inspiration on how to continue the story.

If that leads to a third game, before or after the second one is adapted into the show, all the better in my books.


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