The Last of Us game sales surge in the wake of HBO's adaptation

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Lots of reviews for this show are praising how close it is to the game… fine. So you take the scenes that were motion-captured, re-do them using live actors and just follow the script. I don’t know that the series breaks new ground, as this has all been written and performed and presented before (on a different platform, but using very, very similar production techniques). There isn’t too much innovation here. the hard lifting has already been done.

Just an observation.

No, it doesn’t break any new ground, it’s just better than average game adaptation. I haven’t played the game, but I think it works pretty well on its own. If you know anything about videos games and zombie movies, nothing is especially surprising. So the whole challenge is doing it well enough that you want to keep watching these characters.

I was a little distracted that Boston could have looked a little more like real Boston.

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Where does the food in the Last of Us universe come from? Does the game explain it? Ellie eats what looks like a delicious fried chicken sandwich in ep 2. Where did the bread come from, especially considering that the origin of the fungus is named as a wheat/grain storage facility?


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