The Laura Poitras film on Snowden shows only government transparency will stop leaks


But at the very same time, more and more state legislatures are violating their own laws in holding closed-door votes. In some ways, what happens at the state level can be even more important than the Federal in this country, and they’re moving further each year from accountability.

So, for example, we see legislatures drawing district lines to give one party a near-permanent monopoly on power. Likewise, legislatures have been secretly selling off public assets to private industry for pennies on the dollar - and then they cry about how Big Government won’t let the states control more national parks. Cliven Bundy was not just a smartass who refused to pay his taxes.

The states don’t yet have the power to actually prosecute whistleblowers in the same way as the Fed - but it’s probably on the agenda.


That’s one direction. A pessimist will imagine them taking the exact opposite direction, with more secrecy, more inner sancta, more extreme, secret, punishment of ‘betrayal’. States don’t go insane the way people do, but there’s some kind of equivalent.

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