The Legends Of Tomorrow filmed a disco music video in their spare time


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Pity that instagram crops the widescreen video to fit in a square and doesn’t allow you to view it fullscreen.


I don’t know why, but I imagined that Brandon Routh would be a better dancer. Of course, now I want to see Dominic Purcell bustin’ some moves to “Disco Inferno”.



(Body is not, in fact, a compete sentence.)


I was just hoping he was staying character since Roy “but im really Ted Kord” Palmer should be all stiff and nerdy.


I’ve got my fingers crossed as I heard a rumour that Booster Gold and Blue Beetle might me making an appearance.


That would be nice. Kord Industries has already been name dropped all over the Arrow-Verse so he should get some proper introduction. If the do bring in BG, they better get Billy West back for Skeets.


LOL. Love it. Including the color and belt “tributes” to Star Wars.


So this is like a TV show or something?


Somewhat enjoyed the first season… second one sort of, but all these crossovers kill it for me. Almost like you need to watch 3 or 4 other series to understand what it going on.

I have a limited amount of fanboy in me, spreading it thin over multiple series… just not the demographic they are looking for I guess.

Then you get different actors for the movie roles… done.


The drawback to the offscreen disco flavored adventure is we never got to see Neal Mcdonough playing the villainous Damien Darkh while dressed like “Tony Manero” from Saturday Night Fever.

In the prior seasons he was totally rocking period garb with the “Blofeld Nehru Jacket”, “The Boardwalk Empire”, “Gestapo Agent Todt” and “The Sonny Crockett” getups


Time-traveler supervillian Neil McDonough is the guy we didn’t know we needed until we got him.



You don’t need the crossovers to understand the individual shows. Some important events happen in the crossover, but it’d be watching Empire Strikes Back, and then the second half of Return of the Jedi. Yes, you missed something kind of important, but you can fill in the blanks on your own and still enjoy the content.


Ever since I saw him playing a villain in Justified, I knew EVERY SHOW would be better with a Time-traveler supervillian Neil McDonough


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