The Lesser of 4+ Evils: Another Election Thread


Half Games, half Wrath. Provide only your criticisms. I somehow predict there are plenty.

The twist:

#You must criticize all of the candidates under the common sense doctrine that no one is perfect.

At least the four most well known candidates. Feel free to criticize whoever the current Neo-Nazi party is putting up, too.


Shouldn’t it be least?



Everyone always forgets the Fifth Horseman, Mr. Soak.


No, no. The Four Other Riders Of The Apocalypse are:

  • Grievous Bodily Harm
  • Really Cool People
  • Cruelty To Animals
  • People Covered In Fish


Clearly, you are reading from a different book of Pratchett.


Haven’t gotten 'round to that one yet.



I’ll take a crack:

Trump: Corrupt xenophobic misogynist narcissist with limited cognitive abilities and poor impulse control. Tweeted the phrase “check out sex tape” at 3AM, then defended this. Promised to jail political opponent. Fair treatment of criticisms exceeds post length restrictions of BBS.

Stein: Drum circles for world peace do not actually work. Would criticize more strongly, but it feels unfair to rail on a candidate whose polling numbers are below most polls’ margin of error.

Clinton: Access may be purchased wherever MasterCard/Visa/AmEx are accepted. Position on whether this is acceptable behavior will be triangulated based on results of opinion polls. Horrifically successful in adopting DLC’s goals of remaking the Dems as a party of corporate finance. Used term “superpredators” to justify problematic crime bill. Opposed same-sex-marriage for a decade until public opinion polls forced new triangulation. Somehow has still not learned why arming rebels/lobbing bombs in conflict areas turn out badly. Strongest argument in favor is her opponent.

Johnson: Plutocrats supporting legalizing weed are still plutocrats.



I’m embarrassed to admit that I know as much about Stein and Johnson as I do about Deez Nuts.



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