The lies behind Pumping Iron

Apparently the far more dangerous thing is massive dehydration to get super veiny and extra definition. Which is apparently quite common among actors and models for shirtless appearances as well.

To the point where even Paul Rudd of all people gave it shot for Marvel.

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That’s the- wait for it- bulk of them. rimshot

But most people that get into bodybuilding -cismen and ciswomen- for the wrong reasons. There’s nothing wrong with going to the gym for aesthetics only, but one shouldn’t be shocked when their vanity grows bigger than their biceps because of it.

I still lift at least 6 days a week, but its mainly because I like putting external pressure on myself. I feel like reality has gotten WAY to easy for humans and our brains haven’t caught up to the massive societal and technological advancements we’ve made. I think our brains are still wired for the struggle for survival of yesteryear. It’s anecdotal, but lifting has been the best cure for my depression.

I treat it like an active meditation.


Well, it does get those endolphins swimming around inside. :smiling_face:

But then, exercises that get my heartbeat going do too, and hey, i can do those outside of a sweaty, potentially covid-laden gym!


[Conan the Barbarian screen test, take 1]

Mongol General: “What is best in life?”


Casting Director: ”Next!”


Yes, he is. Back in the late 80’s my brother happened to come across Lou at a coffee shop at King’s Cross station in London. So he approaches, Lou smiles and asks him if he wants an autograph.
My little brother, late teens at the time, quite sheepishly, asks for an arm-wrestle.
Lou smiles and agrees. Toys with him for a few minutes before quite gently winning.
Made my brother’s day and, of course, 40 years later he can tell his kids he once arm-wrestled The Hulk.
Lou was apparently a lovely bloke, good on him.


Yes I remember Jason Momoa talking about a scene as Aquaman where he did something to get the vein pop. I think he said chug a Guinness for the carbs to do something…

Ah, found the story, link below.

I got to meet him at a con, and tell him the story of when I was little, we had a black and white TV, so I had no idea the Hulk was actually green. (Which is kind dumb, as I had a cartoon hulk punching bag, but anyway…)

One night we were at a neighbors house and The Incredible Hulk came on TV. Their set was in color and I got a little scared because he was green!

He chuckled and said that was a good story. I saw him interact with other fans, super nice guy.

Man - I remember very little about that actual show as a kid, I bet I sat through the whole hour bored, just waiting for the Hulk to transform and punch and throw things. We were easily entertained back then.


This is the peak physique:

Arnold was neglecting his obliques.


Next you’re going to tell me professional wrestling is fake…


Pro Wrestling Sport GIF by ALL ELITE WRESTLING


Not just anecdotal, there’s some studies on resistance training and positive effects on mood

I never enjoyed weights until I started playing with kettlebells. They’re more like juggling than most other weight training. More of a sustainable practice and less property destruction and noise complaints than juggling medicine balls. I have a couple at home, they don’t take up a lot of space.


Calisthenics are also great if you’re not big into lifting. I try to do a load of calisthenics interspersed with my weight training and yoga, but you can build a solid routine with just push ups, dips, pull ups, etc…

If you want a decent resistance training program that doesn’t rely on weights, I recommend this one…

Even though, I’m a gym loyalist, I have to concede that the calisthenics dudes in the hood might be more fit than your average bodybuilder. Those dudes are for real.


Exercise is excellent for mental health. Plenty of research on that. No need to tell yourself tales of some human need for misery. :grin:. Do it because you like how it makes you feel. That’s enough!


If you like kettlebells because of their juggly-ness, you should try Indian clubs.


While what you both said is true, I was a bit shocked to hear from my partner that I should exercise some more to get larger pectoral and shoulder muscles. Pumping myself up, so to say, to lean on. Literally.

Bodybuilder types, however, are a bit funny to my partner. Overemphasizing body parts is prone to ridicule. However, sexual selection is very deep rooted, and it is interesting to get to know thyself in how it affects you.

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That does look like fun. I have escrima sticks that are much lighter but are also good for practicing wrist/arm twirliness, my only concern with the clubs is low ceilings. I still have a gouge in the ceiling from bo practice.

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Oh, clubs are great training for weapon forms! The small clubs are pretty short compared to an escrima stick but could still be problematic with low ceilings – though as you can see in the 2nd video there are some things you can do from kneeling (or you could integrate squats into the overhead work).


Post-ceiling gouge, been doing anything overhead stick related in very deep stances.


I have watched this movie multiple times. I don’t believe the part about Lou working out alone. At the 40 minute mark there’s a dozen guys in his secret basement with him.


I’m trying to reconcile these two thoughts:

  1. We live in an age where fact-checking like this is available, at our fingertips, whenever we want it, and
  2. 17% of US adults believe “a group of Satan-worshipping elites who run a child sex ring are trying to control our politics and media”

Interesting times indeed…


If someone told you that the firehose pointed your way will blast a stream of shit that contains a gold coin, do you think you’d be able to snatch out the coin when the hose turns on?