Watch: Arm wrestler vs body builder

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I’d say it’s more about real brawn and less about muscles only developed for aesthetics.


I watched the “farmboy vs body builder” version a couple of times years ago while in the army.

It’s all about stamina.


I saw some epic arm wrestling in the US Merchant Marines. I echo your observation, not the biggest person won the match, but the one that could keep going, strike hard, and strike fast, wear the other person down, then take it for a win.


Yup. The first few seconds are critical, but after that…

Come to think about it, this is very much like sports cars vs farm machines (tractors, harvesters, etc). No sports car can go at full power all day long.


Pure strength might possibly win out over good technique once in a while but there’s always a high chance that it can also cause damage to the person’s arm. Having good technique minimizes the amount of effort needed and also reduces the risk of injury.


To be fair, she let him lose.


core blimy

I had an American friend in college. One night she showed up with an American football and we played ‘throw the American football’ in the street outside my house.

This was my first time throwing something that shape and even though she showed me how, I couldn’t get close to her range and accuracy and general grace.

She could throw the thing like a dart, easily twice the distance I could.


I have a coworker who arm wrestles competitively. He says it’s all about technique, wrist angle, etc. He has told me stories about how people with smaller physiques have readily beat bigger guys. The lady in this clip definitely knows what she’s doing. Fun to watch. The look on her face says it all. She is just toying with the guy.


The arm wrestler is Aleksandra Ozerova… from where are we getting that the guy is a professional bodybuilder?

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I’ve sparred with some farmers in karate. It is harder than sparring with a human.


I may be mistaken, but I don’t think bodybuilders focus on building muscle in their wrists.

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If they are going for strength then they are probably doing a lot of compound lifts. Something like a dead lift would strengthen the wrists even though it’s not the main group targeted.

This guys looks like he works for the look, not the functional or pure strength aspect.


He kind of looks more like a Synthol-injector than an actual bodybuilder. Maybe it’s just the angle, but his shoulders look weirdly proportioned, and not in a “wanna guess how much I bench?” kind of way.

Biceps, shoulder and lats are pretty important for both bodybuilders and arm wrestlers.

Was at the park with my family a few years ago. A (I assume) Dad and his daughter came in with a softball and gloves and started playing catch. Girl looked to be maybe 12? I thought “Oh, look! That’s so cute!” Dad throws to daughter. She catches. I hear a distinctive “hisssss” then a very loud smack from dad’s glove. He throws it back and says, “Now put some pepper on it.” Damn. Yeah, it’s not about bulging biceps, all about technique.


I miss ABC’s Wide World Of Sports. Here’s some arm wrestling.


That was great. Hearing Jim McKay’s voice put a smile on my face.


I don’t know how true it is but apparently Schwartzenegger couldn’t do some of the sword moves the stunt coordinator was teaching him as his muscles literally got in the way and restricted his movement

There’s a reason the World’s Strongest Man types don’t typcally look like bodybuilders