The lighthouse keepers who vanished forever [Futility Closet 015]


I got the lateral thinking puzzle in maybe 20 seconds. * high fives self *

Ooo! Ooo! I saw this on Doctor Who. It was those glowy green jellyfish blob guys!

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Dash’s theory is interesting.
This is the first I’ve ever heard of this mystery, but my opinion, in one way, is exactly opposite of his!
Specifically, in the idea that the first guy went out without his coat, not the last guy.
The other two guys coming out afterwords, already had enough of an idea something was up that they grabbed their coats on the way out the door.
I mean, if nothing’s up, why rush out to help their buddy?
Also, why send two men out to do whatever it is in the first place when one will do, so the first guy goes out and the others follow to help, taking that extra second to grab their coats on the way.
AS for the wind closing the door, don’t you always close the door behind yourself when you go out, even in an emergency?

yes, the official theory is the first two were out working on something, had some trouble, and the third ran out jacketless to assist.

“We seemed to stand for an endless while,
Though still no word was said,
Three men alive on Flannan Isle,
Who thought on three men dead.”

Flannan Isle by Wilfrid Wilson Gibson

Gibson goes on a bit about how the island is bad luck:

" We thought how ill-chance came to all
Who kept the Flannan Light:
And how the rock had been the death
Of many a likely lad:
How six had come to a sudden end,
And three had gone stark mad "

I think he was using a bit of poetic license here.

Flower Pot Island in Georgian Bay, off the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, has a lighthouse that is now a tourist attraction, and one can apply to stay there for a few nights to act as a guide for visitors. When my brother-in-law and his family were selected for this position, I naturally sent them the above link. And this one:

Horror at fang rock

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