The live-action references for Disney’s Hercules were amazing

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Today they would be wearing black spandex suite with little white balls or dots on them.


So fantastic to see this.


many people slam this movie for being a totally disney-fied version of the Hercules story and how its filled with so many inaccuracies and yada yada yada.

Its one of the funnest and most entertaining of the Disney animated flicks in large part because of the awesome music.


I loved this movie. Anyone who calls the film version of a myth “inaccurate” needs to go sit in the corner.

The Muses are probably the hottest animated women ever drawn. Jessica Rabbit isn’t even in their league.

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I’ll agree there, though Maleficent has a wonderful camp appeal.

This was made in the era when Disney was reaching out to some really interesting artists to collaborate with. Never in a million years would I expect Gerald Scarfe to work on a Disney movie but his concept art is fantastic.

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I am a huge fan of Megara.

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Can I bring up the live-action Maleficent? Great, I will.

Angelina Jolie carried that movie, because my God what a slog.

I commend you on using the word “amazing.” Evidently you have not been infected with the brain virus that is attacking all BoingBoing writers and under-35-year-olds, forcing them, zombie-like, to use the word AWESOME to describe anything that is not dog shit.

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They used Roman numerals on a Grecian Express card? The Hellenes had their own numbering system, thank you!


Helene Stanley, I think she was the most influential animated live-action woman, because of her Disney work.

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