The Lobster Lock keeps your bike safe, and you don't have to carry it like other locks

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I knew this would be the first comment


It’s almost too easy.


“Lawyers report more time on their hands, reduced income, since the start of the COVID pandemic”


To be perfectly fair, though:

He needed the pick that Bosnian Bill and he made. That’s a huge improvement.


Makes me wonder which version is being foisted here…

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The store page shows a photo of the wafer style.

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Presumably they need to clear out that stock from before the changes to the core.

I use Kryptonite combination locks on all my family’s bikes. It’s a lot easier remembering a single combination (they’re all set the same) than carrying five bike keys. And I have the lock holders they come with installed on all the bikes, so it’s as easy to carry as the Lobster Lock. And I prefer to lock the frame and back wheel, not the frame and front wheel – back wheels are just as easy to steal and much more costly to replace.

I reached out, but it’s possible the stacksocial folks may not know which version is in their lot if Lobster Lock doesn’t provide a version number or something.

I agree however that’s it’s important to know before buying!


Red Bull gives your bike wings - it flies away.

Folding locks: All the weight of a U lock but without the strength.

The pivots on all folding locks are the fatal flaw. They are orders of magnitude less strong than any other part of the lock, or or any decent u lock.

The major other issue is it looks from the picture like this lock would not be big enough to lock a front wheel and frame to a parking meter sized post.

I’m going to guess this weighs about twice what a cable lock (which could lock front tires) of similar security level would weigh. If that is worth it for the convenience, you are the unique consumer this was designed for.

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Maybe I’m just terrible at seafood; but going by my experiences substituting a real lobster would significantly increase the breach time.


Weirdly, this post seems to have gotten yanked. Maybe the LPL shame hurt the store’s feelings? Is shame an emotion that the store feels? Is the store sentient?

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They really missed an opportunity to call it the Lock Lobster.

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