The LOFT Battery Base helps your Google Home go truly mobile

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Or, ya know, you could just use any cell phone with Google Assistant installed.

Do you think there’s a chance we could bring about the change readers want (which would be to avoid the cognitive dissonance of seeing shit like this advertised on boingboing) by piling on in the comments about how awful the products are? Like any chance at all an advertiser would say “oh no, those readers at boingboing are always so vocal about our products being terrible, they’re going to give us a bad name, best not to advertise there” ? Because this is a truly crappy product that exists in service of a really stupid idea in the first place.

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Here I thought it was gonna put wheels on my house so I was intrigued. So very disappointed.

Maybe Boing Boing could have a subscription where you can filter what is shown? I’d pay a few bucks a year to keep this stuff out of my view of, and to truncate any of the run-on posts with 20 images to the first 3 images. Suppose I could write my own plug-in, but I realize Boing Boing has to make money somehow.

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What is the point of these ads? The advertised goods never get delivered. Your just pissing off your target audience. Eventually it will drive away your readers.

Oh good. I was worried that Google wouldn’t know my every thought and movement if I left my house. Whew!

This is an accessory for a dead product.

Google doesn’t even sell the Home anymore.

I miss @doctorow and his anti-surveillance commentary. Ads for useless accessories to the organs of the creeping panopticon just don’t cut it.

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