The long, racist history of Brexiteer Boris Johnson, the new UK Foreign Secretary


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Americans! Our new Prime Minister has given you until November to read the foreign news and realise what President Trump would be like.


It’s as if May thought to herself: “Hmmm, people hate me for my fascist tendencies, but not quite enough. What to do, what to do … ah, time to make my cabinet appointments, is it?”


See kids, this is what happens if you don’t spend $1600 on hair styling.


Plus ça change…


Ain’t gunna do no good. He is apparently what the people want.


from the possibility of an attack by America."

Holy Fuck!


Yeah, “happy amazement” is not exactly the emotion I’m feeling as I watch madness engulf the Conservative Party.


How can something be engulfed from inside? The madness, such as it is, spreads from the inside out.


People talk about a building being “engulfed in flames”, even if the fire started at a single point inside the building.

Of course some fires start from more than one location simultaneously, but in those cases we typically suspect arson.


“One day some of the kids from the neighborhood carried my mother’s groceries all the way home. You know why? It was outta respect.”


Foreign Secretary is perfect of Boris.

Theresa May is Brilliant.


I am not sure if I can agree with the article. Yes, it is kind of poetic justice. But if he sucks at the job (not unlikely, imho) the 60+ million Britons are punished, too.


From across the pond, my hope is that Boris would be exposed as such a buffoon that his political career would be over, hopefully soon.

Or is Boris so expected to be a clown, that he is now immune to such an outcome, like Trump?


His career was already over until May resurrected it.


This is about the quality of decision-making I’ve been led to expect from the Tories, and May.

And the country’s stuck with her till 2020… that’s a lot of vicious idiocy and casual vandalism.


To be fair he’s quite foreign…to decency and humility.

What a diplomat!


Yeah, one of the most shallow things I’ve read in a long time. Seems like the author tapped it out during ten minutes on the crapper.


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