The lore of haunted television sets


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Fact: if you watch a TV too much it will steal your soul.


Inter-channel white noise: one more thing children born after the conversion to digital may never experience.


I was photographed before, my soul is already taken


I’ve sneezed and no one said “Bless you.” Mine is gone.


It’s been around far longer than that


Back in the analog days you could always hear ghostly voices on the telephone line. It’s called crosstalk.


I remember staring at TV white noise as a child. After a few minutes I could clearly see pictures moving around. Sometimes it was the best thing in TV.

But I never thought it was anything supernatural.


I have a haunted phonograph. Does that count?


For one of my college art classes, the professor had us stare for 15 minutes at the TV tuned to a white noise channel. I always thought they were trying to trigger pareidolia, or a trance state; after a while, I started seeing shapes I referred to as ‘dancing macaroni’. I wonder if you could have opted out if that was the sort of thing that triggered a seizure for you?


I could hear strange voices on my Grandmother’s telephone, but then she was on a party line.


Behold: the haunted jpg


There’s a certain charm to these things where genuine crackpots can be credited as “pioneers” or even “researchers”.


At first I thought this thread was about “haunted television sets” meaning like movie sets. Since that’s the kind of set I work on. I was going to mention a couple of weird happenings when I worked on the TV miniseries remake of The Shining, which we shot at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO. Built in 1909, the Stanley is supposed to be haunted. Our costume designer claims that he was perusing some clothes arranged on a drafting table in his room when some unseen force flipped the table over and scattered all the clothes in front of him. Couple things like that.

But then I realized that we were talking about TV sets, like this:

And… I got nothing.


Is it the TV set that’s haunted, or the VHS cassette


Say no more.

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