"The Lost Boys" was meant to be a boy's adventure film

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Trying to keep the sex out of a vampire story is probably a lost cause, sparkles or not.


Kind of like trying to keep the hydrogen out of water…


He was turning our story into a teenage vampire movie. Once we sold the script it was out of our hands.

One of the cases where studio meddling improves the picture, ‘cause Jeremias’ description of his script sounds like a disaster.


Vampire Goonies?

Rejected pitch: “Like Goonies, but it sucks.”


Sorry Michael, I’m glad it was changed.

Also +1 for oiled-up en fuego sax player. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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Early 90’s UCSC would have been a lot less interesting if they went with this version.

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And they’d have all died if Bernard Hughes didn’t show up. Never mess with grandpa - the dude’s seen things!


Yeah… I think the version that got made is more interesting. I mean, there’s still that “boy’s adventure film” element to it, albeit with boys that were a bit too old, but with the other stuff too. I suppose there’s an interesting “evil Peter Pan” movie to be made with vampires (even if “evil Peter Pan” is already redundant), but I don’t really see it in that script, even minus the changes.


Well, mostly, because …

Damn. So this part was half an improvement, at least.

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was anything lost but the name?-- “Lost Boys” is clever if you’re riffing off JM Barrie, but releasing a “Lost Boys” remake without sex is bound to disappoint those who remember the “original,”

The origiinal concept might make a cool movie.

He also wanted Star – whom we’d written as a boy – to change sex and be the love interest

You know, for a split second when I read that I thought they meant him changing sex was going to be a plot point before becoming a love interest. Then I remembered what decade we were talking about, and realized I’m glad that kind of movie can be made today so much more easily than back then.


There are a number of Science Fiction novels from that period that feature sex changes-- but Hollywood was always more risk averse.

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I guess the good news for people who have been waiting for a movie about prepubescent vampires is that Abigail is coming out April 19. (And of course there’s also Claudia from Interview with the Vampire even if she wasn’t the main character.)

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Yes, and also, changing someone’s sex with far future technomagic is very different from grappling with the realities of being trans in 1980s culture, with 1980s medical (and esp. mental health) care.



Came here to say that… but now I’m thinking about “let the right ones in” and nothing sexual is coming to mind about that film but maybe I’m mentally blocking stuff out.

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I had to re-read it a few times to make sure that isn’t what was being said.

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Such a excellent sound-track album, even after the masterpiece of Cry Little Sister.

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