Trailer for Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

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Wasted? I never felt that way. Lost was about the journey, not the destination.

Now… Battlestar Galactica? Yeah, that was some wasted hours right there.

I’ll defend Lost until the day I day. Sadly, I probably mean this literally.

I’ve always said the fans are at least 50% to blame for any disappointment we felt. We all learned a harsh lesson in expectation management.

It occurs to me that the Lost was a victim of it’s own popularity. Surely the ‘real’ ending would have been Jack hearing the plane flying overhead as he died in that clearing, having saved everyone else, sacrificing himself for the good of the community.

Surely that was where they were originally going with his indomitable, never-fucking-quit character before they turned him into a pussy for whatever reason. And I think that ‘whatever’ was focus groups complaining that there wasn’t enough Jeebus or spiritchooality in the mix. Better to explain all the science away with a magic waterfall. Fuck off.

And if it wasn’t focus groups then it was the production team’s misguided attempt to trump themselves. They should have stuck to the ‘frontiers of science’ malarkey. I would even have enjoyed the ‘super symmetric material from an asteroid’ angle in that context.
##Fucking LOST!

Ahem. Anyway, Now that they are out of the maze and realise it was some kind of community-engendering, harrowing environment of trials, what happens next? Moar mazes but with fire?

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I am genuinely curious why you liked Maze Runner. I found it so ridiculous in it’s basic premise it was unreadable. The movie was very well made, but despite great acting and incredible production values couldn’t overcome the overwhelming stupidity of the plot. I haven’t read any of the further books, though I will probably see the movies. I have no investment in my opinion, and am open to any explanation for why it is a likeable book.

(In a post apocalyptic future, what possible benefit could there be to the energetic output of a maze like that? Why would you kill the only genetically immune people? There’s just no logic to it!)

Also, ugh, Lost.

Enjoying a journey on its own merits is great, but Lost is more akin to taking a road trip with a parent who spends six days filling you with false promises of a trip to Disneyland before ditching you with that crazy great-Aunt who lives in Barstow.


clears throat

We have work to do.

I bailed on Lost the minute the dreaded Time Travel reared it’s ugly head. So glad I did after hearing where it went. Amnesia they had plenty of, did they do the Evil Twin for the Bad SF Writing Trifecta? So sad that Dollhouse, which got better and better as time went on, was cancelled, while this was allowed to go on and on.

That’s what folks get for expecting the writers to care.

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