Batman & Robin director accepts blame for nipple suits


To be fair, they do look like tactical nipples.


No, he’ll be remembered for nearly killing Batman.

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He should count his blessings. In a just world he’d be remembered for DC Cab and that’s where his directing career would have ended.


Nipples on a Batman suit. I envy the people who have such shallow concerns that they can get so outraged with things like this!

It’s not so much that the suits had nipples, it’s that bat nipples are actually located in the armpits (wingpits?).

Also, catwoman should have had eight of those things.


They should have made them functional – in the Batman “toy” sense:





To be fair, Lost Boys may not be Oscar worthy or anything, but it’s fun.

The rest of his career, though, yeah. Please no.

Flatliners, 8mm and Falling Down all have their moments.

Also, and it’s weirdly un-Schumachery, but Veronica Guerin isn’t a bad film.

I’d take Schumacher over Bay, Ratner or Emmerich (yeah, faint praise).

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“Batman Forever” was total passion. My bosses let me change Batman. Jim was inspired as the Riddler. Tom Lee Jones played Harvey Two Face. Drew Barrymore is in it.

I honestly don’t believe it was intended this way, but I had fun imagining this as damning with faint praise.

Btw, having seen the movie, I can confirm that he’s not totally delusional… Drew Barrymore was indeed in it!

I honestly didn’t realize any of those were his movies either. I may need to do an IMDB sweep before I make more generalizations because I enjoyed all of those for what they were.

Completely agree on Michael Bay, and well, we can all agree, at least none of those guys are Uwe Boll.

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