The Lottery at XOXO 2014


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I’d always suspected that Portlandia was a documentary…

It’s called a Leyden jar.



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Yes, it can become a highly charged topic.

5 posts moved. As we already have a very long Sarkeesian/Quinn/Gamergate thread, in-depth discussion of it can go there: Comprehensively addressing the stupid, intellectually dishonest critique of Anita Sarkeesian)

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I’ve had a chance to play Killer Queen and highly recommend it. If anyone has the opportunity, go for it.


I had a blast playing Killer Queen at Logan Hardware in Chicago a couple of weeks ago.

That’s the same spot as me. I liked the projector, as it made the game a decent spectator sport. I’m not sure if it’s common to installations of the game or not, but it should be. Especially in so far as it gives you something to do while waiting on a spot.

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