Kickstarting a gigantic retrospective on the wonderful, lo-fi Cheapass Games


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Some games definitely worked better than others. We always had a blast with the simplistic but fun Unexploded Cow. The complexity of US Patent #1 was a major turn off for my friends. Kill Doctor Lucky is still a great game.



And Kill Doctor Lucky is actually simple enough to attract “normals”. I have a number of friends and relatives that refuse to play anything “complicated” (that is anything more complicated than Risk) – but they liked KDL.



Hell with the book - give me the games!



I was also fond of Capt. Parks Imaginary Polar Expedition.



Yeah KS has been recommending this to me but I stopped reading at “a book about the games…”

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A bunch of the games are up on the Cheapass site - he’s releasing one a day for the 30 days of the campaign, so you can pick up a bunch. Very happy to have the book even if it’s not an “every Cheapass game ever” print-and-play.



I’ve got both KDL and Captain Parkes - similar mechanic turned on its head.

We played Kill Doctor Lucky with pieces from a child’s Winnie The Pooh game and Tigger bludgeoned Pooh to death in the library with a wrench. Now that’s entertainment!



If you’re willing to give it a chance, here’s a link to a small sample chapter, about the game Huzzah.

We’ve also put a useful listing of where to find many of the games, either as print-and-plays, print-on-demand or deluxe editions, in Update #3 on the project.

The book covers designer notes and company history, as well as all of the rules (which is all you need for a bunch of the Chief Herman games). :slightly_smiling_face:

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Fools rush to judgment with no information don’t we? I’m looking at that now, and I see the games on your site.

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Today we posted a new update, with a second preview chapter - all about Kill Doctor Lucky.

Do check out all the print-and-plays (today we posted the original Save Doctor Lucky). We’re also having daily Twitter/FB challenges where you can possibly win an old archive copy of one of our titles. :slight_smile:

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