Cheapass Games's Kickstarter for a new "Dr Lucky" game


Kill Doctor Lucky is awesome. This will be good.

“Get Lucky will be smaller, faster, cheaper, and even more awesome than the original.”

Not cheaper!

The old-school Kill Doctor Lucky was about $7.50 and was packaged in a B&W corrugated box. You bought the pawns.

I think the game was good enough to deserve the fancy version re-release, but there was something cool about the old school Cheapass games that came in envelopes.

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Neat stuff! Their themes and delivery method (cheap and minimal) remind me of Tri Tac games from the 80s and 90s.

Sweet as! I remember Kill doctor Lucky was the first board-game I ever bought. Sadly, I’m terrible at board games, but many fun times were had none the less.

Fun fact - My Avatar(that I use pretty much everywhere) is a convergence of two things I’m very fond of - the picture is in fact from an old, old CAG promo image. The character can still be found in a few places on their website, most notably their misc game money print-out PDF. And of course the character in question is drawn by none other than Cheyenne Wright, current colourist for the wonderful Girl Genius.

I’ve purchased four Cheapass Games over the years, including Kill Dr Lucky, and they’re all hilarious. I’m thrilled they’re producing games!

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